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Cluster Sparse Solver example phase 23 problem


I am having troubles using the cluster sparse solver with phase=23.

It returns a MPI error:

[1] Fatal error in PMPI_Bcast: Other MPI error, error stack:
[1] PMPI_Bcast(2231)........: MPI_Bcast(buf=000000000023F0E0, count=100, MPI_LON
G_LONG_INT, root=0, MPI_COMM_WORLD) failed
[1] MPIR_Bcast_impl(1798)...:
[1] MPIR_Bcast(1826)........:
[1] I_MPIR_Bcast_intra(2007): Failure during collective
[1] MPIR_Bcast_intra(1592)..:
[1] MPIR_Bcast_binomial(253): message sizes do not match across processes in the
 collective routine: Received 4 but expected 800

To isolate the problem i tried tried altering the "cl_solver_unsym_distr_c.c" test example to run a phase=23 instead of a phase=22 followed by a phase=33. This failed as well (the error above is from this modified example)

I have attached the modified test example, the vcxproj file and the output produced.

The command used to execute the program was

mpiexec -n 2 -localonly -l IntelClusterSparseSolverTest.exe 1> output.txt 2>&1



MKL version:

Package ID: w_ccompxe_2015.0.108 w_fcompxe_2015.0.108 w_compxe_2015.0.108 w_mkl_p_11.2.0.108

This package contains:
        Intel(R) Math Kernel Library 11.2 for Windows*

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