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Custom Building with Visual Studio 2008 C# Runtime Error R6034


I am using Trial version of MKL v10.2.6.037 and Visual Studio 2008 (Using MKL in C#).

I have build a custom dll from "toolsbuilder" folder using default command "nmake ia32 name=mkl"

Then I run the "dgemm.cs" example from this page ""

When I run the executable file I am getting this "Runtime Error R6034 ".

Just to mention that compiling according example in "" is working, but I don't like to have so many dll-files. Because that I have tried to build custom dll.

Does MKL is compatible with "MSVCR90.DLL" since VS2008 is inserting "MSVCR90.DLL" dependency instead of "MSVCR71.DLL"?

If I want to escape this limitation should I build custom Dll with VS2003 and the C# executable file compiled by VS2008.

Actually, I want to have one "mkl_custom.dll" file. How can I do it?

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