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Deprecation Notice: Static OpenMP threading runtime removal on Microsoft Windows

Dear Intel MKL customers,

Many users of Intel MKL for Microsoft Windows, have linked statically to the Intel OpenMP threading runtime and run into problems when other use of the library conflicts. This happens most in applications that use multiple libraries or plug-ins each of which might statically link Intel MKL. Because of the involved performance problems and even crashes in some cases, weve long given strong encouragement to link this threading runtime dynamically-which would include linking the static import lib for the threading runtime DLL.

Now because users continue to have problems (usually because they do not note the warning) we are planning to remove the static version of the threading runtime from the product. Note: well still have static MKL libraries-well only be removing the static OpenMP runtime (file to be removed: libiomp5mt.lib).

We anticipate that this will not be a problem for most of our users, but if you have any concerns then please send us your feedback by replying to this post as soon as possible (mark your reply as "private" if you wish), and leave a contact number or email address if you want us to contact you.


Intel MKL Team
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