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Facing error when running PARDISO at phase11



I am coding with Fortran 90 in Microsoft VS2008. In order to solve a sparse matrix, the PARDISO solver in MKL has been used. The matrix to be solved is a complex number one.

When I tried to run the solver under, it stopped at phase=11 due to an error as following:

"Access violation writing location 0xcdcdcdd5."

The disassembly is stopped at subroutine _mkl_pds_metis_pqueueupdateup of MKL.

Could anybody suggests about what could be the possible reason for such an error? 


Thank you!



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The first step in investigating such problems is to check that Pardiso is being called with the correct arguments. It would help greatly if you can provide sample code (and any data files, if needed) which can be compiled and run to reproduce the problem. Please report, in addition, the versions of the OS, compiler and MKL, and the compiler options used.