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Fortran PDGETRF + PDGETRI for Matrix Inversion - parameter with an illegal value


Hi everyone,

This is the first time that I am using libraries. I need to calculate the inverse matrix of a square matrix. I found the routine PDGETRF + PDGETRI from ScaLAPACK in the MKL documentation that can solve my problem, but I'm in trouble to compile this routines. 

Can anyone help me?

The code I am trying to compile is:

    program Invtest

    implicit none

    ! Variables
    integer :: i, j, info, lwork, liwork
    integer, parameter :: dlen_ = 9, ia = 1, ja = 1, m=3, n=3
    real(kind = 8), dimension(m,n) :: A, Ainv, Mf, LU
    integer, dimension(size(A,1)) :: ipiv
    integer, dimension(dlen_) :: desca
    real(kind = 8), dimension(size(A,1)) :: work, iwork
    external PDGETRF, PDGETRI

    ! Body of Invtest
    A = reshape(source = (/1, 1, 1, 0, 3, 2, 0, 1, 0/), shape = (/3, 3/))
    do i=1,m
        print *, (A(i,j), j=1,n)
    end do
    info = 0
    lwork = size(A,1)
    work = 0
    liwork = size(A,1)
    iwork = 0    

    ! PDGETRF computes an LU factorization of a general M-by-N distributed matrix.
    LU = A
    call pdgetrf(n, n, LU, ia, ja, desca, ipiv, info)

    ! PDGETRI computes the inverse of a matrix using the LU factorization computed by PDGETRF.
    Ainv = LU
    call pdgetri(n, Ainv, ia, ja, desca, ipiv, work, lwork, iwork, liwork, info)

    ! Computation of A^{-1} * A to check the inverse
    Mf = matmul(Ainv,A)

    print*,"Mf = "
    do i=1,m
    end do


    end program Invtest

When I compile this code I get the following error message:

{   -1,   -1}:  On entry to
PDGETRF parameter number  602 had an illegal value
{   -1,   -1}:  On entry to
PDGETRI parameter number  502 had an illegal value

The university computer that I am using has installed Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 Update 3, Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 2 Cluster Edition for Windows with Intel Math Kernel Library 11.3.

Thanks for the attention.

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Hi Jeferson, 

I replied your question from your another post. 

For C sample, here is one =>

for fortran sample, you may search the scalapack function in internet.


In the code, you need at least some MPI init or blacs init code.   for example mkl build-in example 

C Example program to show the use of the "CLUSTER_SPARSE_SOLVER" routine
C for solving symmetric linear systems
      program cluster_sparse_solver_sym
      implicit none
      include 'mkl_cluster_sparse_solver.f77'
      include 'mpif.h'
C.. Internal solver memory pointer for 64-bit architectures
      INTEGER*8 pt(64)
C.. All other variables
      INTEGER maxfct, mnum, mtype, phase, n, nrhs, error, msglvl
      INTEGER*4 rank, mpi_stat
      INTEGER iparm(64)
      INTEGER ia(9)
      INTEGER ja(18)
      REAL*8 a(18)
      REAL*8 b(8)
      REAL*8 bs(8)
      REAL*8 x(8)
      INTEGER i, idum(1)
      REAL*8 ddum(1)
      REAL*8 res, res0
      external mkl_dcsrsymv
C.. Fill all arrays containing matrix data. Necessary only on master process
      DATA n /8/, nrhs /1/, maxfct /1/, mnum /1/
      DATA ia /1,5,8,10,12,15,17,18,19/
      DATA ja
     1 /1,  3,    6,7,
     2    2,3,  5,
     3      3,        8,
     4        4,    7,
     5          5,6,7,
     6            6,  8,
     7              7,
     8                8/
      DATA a
     1 /7.d0,     1.d0,          2.d0,7.d0,
     2       -4.d0,8.d0,     2.d0,
     3            1.d0,                    5.d0,
     4                 7.d0,     9.d0,
     5                      5.d0,1.d0,5.d0,
     6                           -1.d0,     5.d0,
     7                                11.d0,
     8                                     5.d0/
C.. Initialize MPI.
      call MPI_INIT(mpi_stat)

      call MPI_COMM_RANK(MPI_COMM_WORLD, rank, mpi_stat)

  call MPI_FINALIZE(mpi_stat)


Best Regards,




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