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Help with MKL: Old versions are available but not new



I feel dumb but I'm not sure what's going on. I wanted to update the MKL that's on my macOS laptop. I know I've downloaded and installed it before because I have some old versions. However, when I go to the download page, I can only download MKL 2019 Update 1 or older. For any other version I get (No access unless renewed) and:

The support period for your license has expired. To download this product update, you will need to purchase renewal licenses to extend your support from your expiration date (11 Dec 2018) to the build date of this product update (04 Dec 2019). Note that support for new renewal licenses will begin on 11 Dec 2018.

Now, I'm pretty certain I've only ever had beta licenses for Intel Compilers and I've never had an issue before this. Any idea what I've done wrong?

I might also have *another* issue that maybe is related? A coworker was able to download the latest for me but when we tried to install it on my laptop, it failed because I had older versions in /opt/intel. But then... I had 2018 and 2019 in /opt/intel and they were happy living together. Why can't 2020 live as well? Could this weird license issue be blocking the install?



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As with many software products, free or not, the vendor (Intel in this case) may require that you register yourself and obtain a license. The license that you obtain may have limitations on how and where you use it, and may expire after a specified period. Installation of the software may require that you have a license file or a registration number. There may be software prerequisites that you have to provide before you can install or use the software, as described in the software release notes.

For MKL on OSX, the registration/download page is at .

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