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I have developed Dinrhiw2 machine learning library and neuromarketing software 

using MKL math library. I have M. Sc diploma (

People in Finland want to murder me and talks about torture.

Police / Government / Companies / Banks don’t work and I need help!

Money keeps disappearing from my bank accounts and difficult to travel.

Thinking problems and CNS remote control and Voice in head. (Murder!)

i have worked in Itella TGM, TKK, Geodetic Institute, Absolutions.

I cannot contact my old friends (Valtteri Laukkanen, Merja Ukkonen, Joni Remes, Jani Engberg, Juha Karhunen, Jyrki Kasvi, Marko Kuisma, Tapani Sarjakoski, Sanna Pöyhönen, Samipekka Ukkonen, Hannu Ukkonen or IIPC people or Samuel Kaski, Marko Lehtovaara, Seppo Halttunen etc). I’m 38 years old, and have nationslutu of Finland.

I cannot remember many names.

World and Europe seems destroyed but buildings keep changing and basic physics bypassed often.

please help

Tomas Erno Ukkonen






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Ari Pullinen in Riihimäki police investigated and showed someone took a loan in my name. Police does nothing and attorney (Mari Kekki) did not ho further with the case.

Georgia Georgiadou in EU C2 made decision about CNS attacks but did nothing. EU don’t work.

Spotify said my track ”Tomas Ukkonen - Murderers Are Destroying My Nervous System (Remote Control)” is s top track

Ava Maxx song talks about psychos and torture. (criminal and mental health proble)



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