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How to set up MKL redistributable dll's into a VS 2010 installer?

We've developed a C# program with the MKL libraries, wrapping the C++ into C# as described in the articles. I've created an installer that packages everything up and lets other team members install my program for their use. The program cannot find the mkl_rt.dll even though the installer has copied the dll into the program directory.

A member of our test team tried installing the evaluation version of the MKL onto his machine and he can now run the program. Obviously my installer is not setting something vital up to allow the program to access the dlls.

How do I do this? We do not want to have to install MKL on each machine as I am the only one who needs the development license.

An additional bit of information, the procurement of the full license for me is still in my accounting dept and I'm using the evaluation version. Is this a part of my issue?

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Looks like, this is an issue with the library path in your machine, since it works perfectly in your test team machine. You don't have to install it in every machine, once you deploy/install your application on anohter machine, it should run without any issues. There is no difference in functionality as far as the eval/com license of MKL.

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