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Installing MKL Blas95 and Lapack95 for Intel Fortran



I am using Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer 2013 (formerly Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013) together with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional to write Fortran programs.  I would like to install the Intel MKL Blas95 and Lapack95 so that I can call routines of Lapack95 from within a Fortran program.  I would like to know the steps that are required for such installation.  I have downloaded the Intel mkl library package.

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I-Lok Chang 


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The Fortran 95 interfaces for MKL BLAS and LAPACK are part of the MKL installation. When you have MKL installed, they are already available. Intel MKL provides the Fortran 95 interface libraries and modules precompiled with the Intel Fortran compiler. If this is the compiler you are using then you are all set. If you want to use a different compiler then you'll have to build a different set of library and modules using the Fortran 95 interfaces and wrappers source code, which is also included in the MKL installation package. See more instructions here:


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