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Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) 10.3 Beta Program

The Intel Developer Products Division invites you to participate in the Intel MKL 10.3 Beta program. To meet our goal of releasing a high-quality product to our customers, we need an active group of testers willing to provide valuable feedback to our product team. Your input is critical to the success of our product. We are especially interested in your feedback on the key features listed below.

Key Features

  • Intel AVX optimizations
  • Summary Statistics library
  • Extended support for C language users
  • Dynamic interface libraries for Microsoft Windows*
  • Dynamic accuracy control in the Vector Math Library (VML)
  • New symmetric, blocked storage matrix-vector product BLAS routine
  • Split complex (real / real) support for 2D/3D FFTs

Registration and Download

  1. Review the Intel MKL 10.3 Beta system requirements.
  2. Click here to begin the registration process.
  3. Please provide a valid email address. Installation instructions will be sent to the email address you provide.
  4. Click the submit button to obtain a serial number and URL to download the beta.

Beta Support and Feedback

Submit problem reports, usage questions and general feedback to the Intel MKL User Forum. This forum is monitored by Intel MKL developers and other Intel engineers.

At the end of beta program a survey will be sent out to all participants. The survey will ask you questions about your target platform, new feature usage, product documentation and Intel MKL product quality.

Please visit the Intel MKL 10.3 Beta page for information on key features and additional documentation.

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