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Intel Maths Kernel Library (MKL) version differences


Dear Sir,

For one of our project we are currently using Intel MKL(Maths kernel library)  ver 10.0.4 on Redhad enterprise Linux 7.2 distribution.

where as we found latest version on site:

is MKL -2019 update4


please let us know what chronology (sequence) of version History (from initial version to latest)

Also, please let us know, way to find out the differences in versions 10.x.x and MKL-2019.update4

does Red Hat Linux 8.0 support MKL-2019 update4 version?


Thanks & Regards,

Krishnakant Mehta



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Only 3 latest versions of MKL is supported. These are versions MKL v.2017, MKL v.2018, and MKL v.2019. the current version is MKL 2019 update 4. The next version is MKL 2020.

if you look at MKL 2019 System Requirements you will see all OS. RHEL 8 is not tested 2019 but we expect that MKL 2019 will work on this OS w/o a problem.


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