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MKL license


Hello MKL fans and sorry for such stupid question >.<


We are some open Source developer who working at the moment on a project called "NumSharp" which shall offers the same APIs from numpy but for .NET languages.

When implementing LAPACK functionalities we saw that there are multiple lapack providers (or LAPACK libs) like NetLib standard LAPACK, MKL, ....and so want to give users the possibility to choose free which licensed provider they want to use.

Sure MKL is one of the most popular. Since anaconda distro using the MKL lib in so many packages like numpy - we was thinking about offering MKL and  different other LAPACK providers (native libs) as .NET package / nuget package.

Licensing is always a sensitive topic and so we were discussing in

Now our question

is it allowed to distribute the MKL dlls in package like nuget or is it totally forbitten and everybody has to install by him or herself?


Sorry for this question but we do not want to do sth wrong and so better ask then do.

Wish all a nice day and thanks for your time.


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Hi , 

please refer here : license FAQ

you won't have a problem redistributing it. 


Thank you

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