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No easy A to Z reference ?

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I was trying to use one of your VST random number generator routines,

but when I try to reference them from Visual Studio, I get a lot of useless stuff.


Isnt there a way to jump directly to the routine I want ?

The write up starts on pg 2870, but I CANNOT find the file.

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which RNG routine did you try to use?

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The PDF form of the MKL reference manual is at . Page 2870 of that manual describes the routine vsrnguniform().

Bill, you can download the PDF file using the link that I just listed, and save the PDF file to your desktop, home directory, or any location that you choose. Just remember where you saved it. If you like, you may create a shortcut to the downloaded file, placing the shortcut on your desktop for easy access. When you click on the shortcut, the file will be opened by whichever application is designated to be the PDF file viewer (Acrobat Reader, browser, etc.)

To view a particular page of the manual, type in the page number into the page no. box of the viewer, but note that the page number used in that box need not be the same as the page number in the footer or header of the page, because books often start with "front matter" pages that are either unnumbered or are numbered with lower case Roman numerals.

You can also use the Search feature of your PDF viewer, or view the bookmarks pane of your PDF viewer and click on an item of interest.

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