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Problems related to use mkl95_precision and mkl95_blas

I am testing blas examples one by one with a MKL version of for Windows.
I am using Intel fortran Intel Fortran Compiler Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008, 11.0.3451.2008.

Actually, I followed the instructions for linking to MKL, but I always have errors related to

Error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths [MKL95_PRECISION]
Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [MKL95_BLAS]

I already checked the include and library folders which are generated after installaition, but there are no such lib and mod files.And, I also checked previous threads listed on this forum, but the differences between previous one and mine is that I cannot find the MKL95_PRECISION and MKL95_BLAS files.

Is there anybody knowing howtosolve this problem?
I would appreciate if anyone can give me some advise.
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The Fortran 95 interfaces to Blas and Lapack are not provided in ready-to-use form, as they are, apparently, considered 'optional'.

However, the sources and makefiles are provided for building the interfaces (the .mod files) and the F95 libraries, in the MKL/interfaces/.. directories. Read the comments at the beginning of the makefiles to select the options suited to your installation, build and install.

Fortran85 interfaces for BLAS and LAPACK has been included to the standart package of MKL since version 10.2.

You can find Fortran95 BLAS and LAPACK mod files into /include/ folders.

All of these modules and mkl_blas95 and mkl_lapack95 libraries are pre-built with the Intel compiler.

In the case you are working with others compiler, you have to build this mod files by you can build them by yourself.