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Program crash in mkl_avx.dll on Windows with Intel MKL 11.0


One of our customers has encountered a problem with our library (NumPy) when linked against MKL version 11.0.3 on the Windows platform.    The program dies during an eigenvalue decomposition.    The problem does not show up on a build of NumPy against an older version of the MKL.

Attached are some screenshots which provide information about: 

1) Where the crash occurs (mkl_avx)

2) Which instruction it seems not to like (vandpd)

3) call stack

4&5) Configuration information (Windows Version and Hardware).   

The software is Anaconda 1.5 available here:  but the same problem was replicated with other versions of NumPy downloaded elsewhere.   Several machines with this kind of hardware seem to have the same problem. 

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>>...The program dies during an eigenvalue decomposition. The problem does not show up on a build of NumPy against >>an older version of the MKL... >>... >>1) Where the crash occurs (mkl_avx) >>... Travis, I see that this is the 2nd thread related to your problem. So, I reviewed screenshots again and it is Not clear for me on what MKL function the processing fails ( it looks like in some function from MKL Lapack API / there are lots of functions in that set ). Also, the 2nd screenshot has Zero length and could you upload it again? Thanks in advance.
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