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Re: Include 32bit MKL in oneAPI Base toolkit

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Thank you for your kind reply. 

I am one of the few customers who was using 32bit MKL for my programs with Intel Parallel Studio. 

I had incorrectly assumed that it was installed with the classic compiler, and so when I tried to run my mkl program on oneapi, which has run for several years without problem, I got some really weird errors calling up old libraries in versions of Intel parallel studio that had never been loaded on this computer.  

The mkl 32 bit libraries are 230 MB from memory, as noted on the mkl forum, perhaps it would be nice to include them for the few.  

As Richard Burton said in The Longest Day,

  • Flight Officer David Campbell : The thing that's always worried me about being one of the few is the way we keep on getting fewer.


    Interestingly, in my vison exam last week, my optometrist and I were talking about fighter pilots.  He said that in terms of 20/20 vision according to the measurements of the eye and the rod distances, 20/8 was the theoretical human limit, but they had measured fighter pilots who survived at 20/5.  Some of the software these people use is really great. I often wonder if it is in Fortran. 


PS:  I am not sure if getting fewer is acceptable English, but no one would argue with arguably the greatest actor ever. 

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This option has been introduced for reducing the total package size. The only thing we could suggest – submit the Feature Request to the Intel Online Service Center:


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