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SCALAPACK PBLAS ERROR message explaination

A call to PZGEMM returned this error message and the parameter number 9 which failed is confusing since the 9th argument is ja which is not incorrect. The 10th argument is desca which is an array of 9 elements. Is the error message referencing the 9th element if this array? In the pblas documentation, it states that an invalid array parameter is designated as 100*parameter+element. Please explain what this PBLAS ERROR is specifying. Thanks, PBLAS ERROR 'Operation out of bounds: N = 64, JA = 1, DESCA[N_] = 22' from {0,0}, pnum=0, Contxt=0, in routine 'PZGEMM'. PBLAS ERROR 'Parameter number 9 had an illegal value' from {0,0}, pnum=0, Contxt=0, in routine 'PZGEMM'. {0,0}, pnum=1, Contxt=0, killed other procs, exiting with error #-9.
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Hello, rpf2701,

Which values have otherinput parameters for pzgemm? Could youpleaseprovide your source file and makefile?

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Ivan Latkin
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