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Size of executable (DLL) using MKL

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I have a project that was originally created using COMPAQ Visual Fortran. This project uses the IMSL library for doing cubic spline interpolations (AKIMA). I have recreated the same project (not converted the existing one from CVF) with VS1010 / Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE on IA-32, version 12.1.6 Package ID: w_fcompxe_2011.12.369 and I have replaced the use of IMSL by the MKL for the cubic spline calculations. It works nearly correctly except that I have noticed that the size of the DLL is about twice the size of the CVF DLL using IMSL. My question is: Why such an increase of the size? (I have used a static link in order to avoid the need to redistribute runtime dlls). If I remove (for testing purposes) the calls to the MKL the size drops down to a more acceptable size.

The sizes are :

  • CVF DLL with IMSL =   7 397 kB
  • IVF DLL with MKL  = 17 794 kB
  • IVF DLL w/o MKL   =   9 266 kB

Any idea on how to reduce the size or why the size is so big?

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