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Size of tmp array for fgmres solver



From the Intel MKL reference manual for version 11.3, in the FGMRES interface description on p.1602, it is said:

tmp double array of size ((2*ipar[14] + 1)*n + ipar[14]*(ipar[14] + 9)/2 + 1)) used to supply the double precision temporary space for the RCI FGMRES computations

then on top of p.1603, there is a note saying

You can define this array in the code as double tmp[(2*ipar[14] + 1)*n + ipar[14]*(ipar[14] + 9)/2 + 1)] if you run only non-preconditioned FGMRES iterations.

I was hoping to save a bit of memory space as I'm using the non-preconditioned version of fgmres, however in both cases the specified size for the tmp array seems to be the same, is this a mistake?

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