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Support for legacy software migration project - Intel MKL

Hi, We have a legacy software utility which we are planning to Migrate from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2010. Migration will be from Windows Server 2003(x86) to target platform Windows Server 2012(x64). In Windows Server 2003(x86), below are the Intel Math Kernel components used in our utility, • mkl_c • mkl_lapack • mkl_ia32 • libguide40 • libguide We have downloaded the latest version of Intel Math Kernel Library v2018.0.2.1 from website. We are not able to find equivalent components of listed above. Could you please clarify whether these components were removed or replaced by another component in latest version? Thanks & Regards, Vijayakumar R
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The LibGuide component is obsolete. If you are targeting X64, you should use the MKL LP64 or ILP64 libraries, not mkl_ia32. Rather than look for one-for-one replacements, consult the MKL Link Line Advisor at and attempt to rebuild your application using the current MKL.

Hi, Thank you for reply & support, Please let us know whether user manual/document is available for understanding the API functionalities in Math Kernel Library v9.0.0.1. If so, could you please provide us the documents for our reference ? Thanks & Regards, Vijayakumar R