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Want to join the Intel MKL team? We are hiring!


If you are familiar with the Intel MKL product or other Intel Software Development Products, BLAS, LAPACK, or ScaLAPACK algorithms, the C and FORTRAN 90 programming languages, parallel programming methodologies using OpenMP*, MPI, Intel Parallel Building Blocks or native threads, check out these two open software engineering positions and submit your resume via Intel Jobs online ( click Advance Search and enter the job number to find these two positions and more details). Alternatively, you may also forward your resume directly our hiring staffing representative .

1. Intel MKL Technical Consulting Engineer (experienced)
Job Number : 598874 (closed)
USA-Oregon, Hillsboro

2. Intel MKL Software Engineer (experienced)
Job Number: 595002 (closed)
USA-Oregon, Hillsboro

3. Intel Performance Libraries Technical Consulting Engineer (Recent College Graduate)
Job Number : 598686 (closed)
USA-Oregon, Hillsboro

Good Luck!
Intel Performance & Productivity LibrariesTeam

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