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core dumped when using MKL poisson solver with multi-threads

Here I have a strange problem when using MKL poisson solver with multi-threads.
My environment is: linux + Intel compile 10. + Intel Cluster MKL 9.0 (There are two clusters using this same environment but beingdifferent in CPUversion.)
I compile and run my program throw remote console in Windows.
When I run my program with OpenMP optionandgive MKL poisson solver one thread( set ipar(23)=1), the program can run correctly on both clusters. But when set ipar(23)=4 or 8(8 is the number of cores in one CPU), the program run correctly in one cluster, but in the other cluster, it breaks downand gives follow error information:

/var/torque/mom_priv/jobs/14737.mgmt.chess.SC: line 9: 11652
env OMP_NUM_THREADS=$NPROCS /home01/mypath.../a.out

in which the "" in traditional Chinese means core dumped(from Google, I'm not very sure) and "mypth..." is path of my program.

I have searched this error in Internet, but little useful information can be obtained except someone suggested this error may be related to "limits of authority ...etc."

Could anyone here give some usefull sugguestion about this error? If it's about authorization, what exactly kind of authorization is it?

Many thanks.
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I assume that the similar problem is discussed here