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unable to find @rpath/libiomp5.dylib


I am new to MKL on Mac. 

I am running code in Fortran as follows: 

ifort -o name.x -fast -mkl program.f90

and I get the following error 

ipo: warning #11012: unable to find @rpath/libiomp5.dylib

I tried looking online to find a solution but I could find anything straight forward. 


The closest I got to a solution is to do the following wich is without '-fast' option 

ifort -o name.x -mkl program.f90 -Wl,-rpath,${MKLROOT}/lib -Wl,-rpath,$MKLROOT/../compiler/lib/

This works but when I do the following I get the same error 

ifort -o name.x -fast -mkl program.f90 -Wl,-rpath,${MKLROOT}/lib -Wl,-rpath,$MKLROOT/../compiler/lib/

ipo: warning #11012: unable to find @rpath/libiomp5.dylib

How can I add the path?

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this shared object is part of iItel compiler package. in the case, if you have a compiler installed on your system, you may call compilervars script to set all needed paths. see more details follow this link:

in the case, if you use the standalone package of mkl, then use scrpts for this purpose. 

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