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Inter Thread Checker - How to skip modules which cannot be instrumented?


I'm writing an user subroutine (UEL) for Abaqus. If I run it on single processor, it works fine. If I try to run it on a cluster, the Abaqus job crashes. I want to use the Intel Thread Checker to get a glue which part of the code may cause the problem. If I try to run the Thread Checker I get an error message saying:

"../abaqus6.8/6.8-4/External/acml/ (E) Module cannot be instrumented. "

That seems to be that this library is part of the Abaqus package. Is there a way to skip that one, when instrumenting?

I'm running thread checker by: "tcheck_cl -m functions". is a library containing my user subroutine.


Maik Schenke
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