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Problem Installing ttb on unbuntu 9.04

OK I am normaly very good at installing programs on my ubuntu systems or libs as the case may be.
I downloaded tbb30_20100406oss.lin.tgz and tbb30_20100406oss.src.tgz and un ziped them into the same folder. Then after reading and looking around I read that I was to type make all in the directory that I un tared them in. I did this and got no error's.
However, when I come to use the compiler code::blocks I need to specify it to search every folder for files for ttb.
Usually, I will have a few to add to compiler settings, but there is a lot to add. Is the make file not supposed to put them into the proper enviroment so I the compiler find them.
I am not sure if I can just take all the files and put them where I want and then link it all up or if something did not install properly here. I am getting experinced in linux and c,c++. But still have trouble with bash and from what I have read people are saying they needed to modify the make file or something. this I do not feel comfortable with, yet.
Can I just link all the files, is that proper procedure or did something go wrong.
There is nothing in my /usr or any other folders on the file system, just where I unzipped them into the folder of my documents. This is not the norm I used to.
Any thoughts. I hope I am clarifying this properly.
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