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Rational Quantify with tbb

We recently changed our Linux server application to use concurrent_queue from tbb. The queue works fine as described.
However Rational Quantify does not work with tbb. Quantify instruments everything correctly however the app stalls on
first invokation of tbb code. Before, we run Quantify fine. I know we should switch to VTune, would like to know if anybody seen similar behaviour.

- Michael
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How do you know that Quantify instruments everything correctly? Sounds like Quantify appears to work fine in the absence of TBB and TBB seems to run fine in the absence of Quantify. It's only when you put the two together that you see problems. It seems to me that either one could be the culprit. I don't have Quantify so I can't corroborate, but I can suggest you try otherQuantify-like tools (like VTune analyzer)to see if they suffer similarly. You could obtain an evaluation license to do that test. It would at least give you another datum if there are not other Quantify users on this forum to answer your question.