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Static libraries for TBB



we are developing a plugin to a thirdparty application and want to use TBB to multithread the plugin. The host app does not use TBB (to my knowledge) and we are called in such a way that we don't get to or need to load balancewith the app (it is a fairly simple model of execution). Ideally it would be better to have our plugin interact with the host app via a better threading model, but that just isn't going to happen.

We want to link against a static library version of TBB as the plugin doesn't need to interact with the host and redistributing anything but our own plugin as a single dynamic library is not feasible. If we don't have it as a static library, we can't use it.

The commercial release of TBB included with the 11 series compiler (which we have purchased) does not contain a static library, but we can build one from the commercially aligned open source release. Seeing as they are the same code and we have purchase a commercial license, is it possible to gain a license from Intel to link and redistribute such a static library in non GPL'd code, or simpler still, would Intel consider making available a static library in the commercial release?

Our other option is to simply rewrite the bits we need with pthreads/win32/boost, but that is something I would prefer not to do, seeing I have the bits working that we need.



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I would also be interested in this. Alternatively, is it possible to update the licensing for people who own a commercial license to be able to rebuild TBB as long as it's for the same platform?



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