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TBB w/ C++/CLI and 32 vs 64 bit

Hi, I have a c# application, where I make a call to unmanaged c++ object/functions through a managed c++/cli wrapper. Inside the unmanaged c++ part, I compute several things in parallel using TBB. This application is compiled for both 32 and 64 bit computers, using visual c++ compiler.

The problem is that the program works in 64 bit, but in 32 bit it crashes when it attempts to access the DLL containing the c++/cli, nominally because it "can't find" the DLL, ie it never executes any code inside the DLL. When I build the DLL in either mode, it compiles successfully.
What's going on here? Why does the app work in 64 bit, but crash in 32 bit? If I remove all the TBB parts, it works. Is there something that is preventing this DLL from being properly made?
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Hmmm... *scratches head* Maybe you have some old compiler settings for 64-bit that placed the compiled DLL away from the program? You could use Dependency Walker to check the dependencies.
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