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1 Network 2 IP adress ?



I am actually working on vPro desktop with Q57 and AMT 6.0 ready, into a small network in order to deploy several hundred PC later. Until now doing AMT setup manually (AMT is configure to get IP adress from DHCP which is hosted on router) and everything is ok : Serial Over Lan, IDE-R and KVM are working perfectly (no provisioning done right now) from the remote PC (which is and AMT 6.0 laptop).

Pushing testing little more, I wanted to setup manually IP address into AMT (let say desktop in and laptop with and let Windows 7 IP adress on DHCP in order to get two networks (IP from DHCP was into range -> 250), one for management and another for Windows and... I didn't succeed to reach AMT, no matter throught web browser or Intel Commander.

I have done several tries (manual IP adress for booth, Windows and AMT for example) and nothing worked: impossible to have 2 differents IP address and getting AMT working (or at leach reachable).

Do you know if that possible or.... not

Thanks for your help,


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It is possible to have a system with Intel(R) AMT configured to use an IP address that different than the host OS, though when using IPv4 addresses, both need to be setup to use static IP addresses. I'm not aware of any easy steps that can be taken to have the Intel(R) AMT platform configured to use a static IP address while the host OS is using DHCP, or if this is even supported.

However, since you are working with Intel(R) AMT version 6 systems, there is a new setting that allows the system to use DHCP to retrieve different IP addresses from the host OS if the network and DHCP/DNS servers are configured to support this. The setting is "Shared FQDN" and can be configured as "Enabled" or "Disabled". Basically, with this setting disabled -- not sharing the same FQDN as the host OS -- you would configure the FQDN of the Intel(R) AMT device differently than the host OS. This setting is available from the WebUI for the system and, I believe, from the MEBx configuration. Please note that when disabling this setting, you must also change the FQDN of the Intel(R) AMT device at the same time, otherwise the settings you attempt to apply will not be honored.

For example, assume your primary network domain is "". In order to utilize this new setting, you would create a sub-domain called "". Then, the Intel(R) AMT device would be configured to join the "" domain while the host OS is configured for "". Through some additional configuration steps for your DHCP/DNS servers you could have different ranges of IP addresses allocated for these domains.


Thanks a lot Brett, I will try this very quickly,