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802.11n - MEBx not getting IP address


I spent the better part of the last few day's troubleshooting why my new 802.11n access point would not give out an ip address to my Santa Rosa (AMT 2.6) system. I was also seeing a problem on my regular notebook with sporatic IP address problems, so my tests were not conclusive last week. this weekend i swapped out the access point, which fixed my other notebook's problem so I thought it would fix the MEBx problem as well. NO such luck. I swapped out the 802.11n for a 802.11g access point, configured with WAP and YES there were positive results. I was able to finally manage through wireless.

Now i'm on a quest to find out why. If you are seeing this same problem please let me know as I'm going to put sometime into our developers guide to see why 802.11n should or should not be working.

Josh H

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