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I received the error message "AMT IDE-R BOOT FAILED" on the remote client when I try via Manageability Developer Tool Kit's Redirection function to restart the remote computer. The CD or iso file is normal on local. What causted the failure?

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I have seen that error before, but I don't know exactly what causes it. My gut instinct says that the system tried to boot from IDE-r, but the IDE-r device was not attached. If I'm right, the most likley cause is a forgotten step in commander. In commander,

1: Use the Disk Redirect menu to choose the target floppy and CDRom (you need to set both).

2: Use the Disk Redirect menu to set "Redirection Active". This steps actually attaches the IDEr device. Most consoles do this automatically, but not commander. My guess is that the error is caused my forgetting this step (which i forget all the time).

3: Use the Remote Command menu to cause the "Remote Reboot to Redirected "

If you're following those steps and still getting the error then it's trouble shooting time. Try a different ISO. For example, Memtest++ is small, free, and known to work: Try a different AMT system...maybe that is misbehaving. (BTW - if it is the system, a BIOS/firmware upgrade and/or unprovision -> provision usually will fix it). Try a different console...maybe commander is misbehaving. For any AMT 3.2 and higher system, you can try ISO Launcher:/docs/DOC-5943 It's a great IDEr tool that makes IDEr easy. For any AMT version, RAdmin is a good alterantive for IDER (and SOL): /docs/DOC-4309

If none of that helps, please provide some more information so I can further assist. I need to know:

AMT verision

system make & model

AMT's config mode (nonTLS or sTLS or mTLS & Digest or Kerberos - if you're not sure, how did you configure it?)

Steps taken in commander

Network configuration - same subnet? network speed?

Results of troublshooting above

Anything else that you think might be helpful.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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Your are right. I try to set "Redirection Active" and restar the remote client, it success restart with local boot cd. I note that when I set "Redirection Active", the control panel display the IDE Redirect link speed rate, if not, then disaply DISABLED. Thanks.

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