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AMT SCS 5.1 Question



I am playing with one-touch Configuration method. So i am trying to figure out SCS Service Settings... First is the Configuration parameters from the database and second is the Configuration parameters from the script.

My question is how do i enter configuration parameters into the database. I may have missed the information in AMT SCS 5.1 Installation GUide.

Appreciate any pointers.


Naren Kumar

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Hi Naren,

The short is answer is: you don't. The parameters will get populated if you successfully provision systems (either manually or relying on a client utility to send the necessary information).

A bit more detail:

The config parameters in the DB will be empty to begin with, but will be populated subsequentially after you've successfully provisioned your vPro systems.

The table in the SCS DB that is the 'configuration 'parameters' is the UUID_MAPS table.

You could manually populate the config parameters through the SCS Console, for when systems start showing up in the Console with UUID only (i.e. hello packets) and then you can double click the row and manually set the parameters to complete provisioning.

The server script requires a 'hello packet' to arrive and that registers first in the AMTS table. The SCS service then checks whether there is an entry for the UUID of the vPro machine and if there isn't (which there shouldn't be) the server script will run.

Even though the activator utility is effectively a replacement to the script method, but as it operates purely on the vPro clients, your SCS service will be set to 'rely on DB for config parameters' (although there are some extreme scenarios where you might have it set to the script method, but I wouldn't worry about it in your case). If you aren't familiar with the Activator Utility, I suggest you look into it - it comes with the SCS application and has documentation.

So, to cut a long story short, the current BKM is to rely on the Activator Utility and have the SCS DB set to 'rely on DB for config parameters'.

I might put a blog posting with more detail around this...

Hopefully this helps a bit.


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Thanks Tal. I appreciate your response. I was able to provision the system with the option "SCS Settings" -> rely on DB for config parameters, which validates your comment. I still have not tried the activator yet.But i will try it out.


Naren Kumar

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