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AMT not getting enabled in Intel Silver Cascade


Hello ,

I am currently facing some issues in trying to get AMT up and running on the Intel Silver Cascade CRB which we have

obtained.I have created an combined image with images obtained from the iAMT_ASF2_TPM_4.0.12.1147 package by following

the instruction detailed out in the OEM deployment guide. With this image, the board is booting without any issues along

with integrated LAN up and running. I have enabled the AMT support in the BIOS but due to some reason I am not getting

the MEBX message to enter the MEBX setup menu. I even tried the standard images received with the CRB, but still not

able to get the ME up and running, Can anyone give me some pointers as to where I might be going wrong ? Also is it

necessary for the iTPM to be enabled to have the AMT running ?

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