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AMT webgui not responsive on linux kernel panic


Hi, I've got a X10SLQ (Supermicro) board, along with i7-4770 core.

I bought the new board to make use of the Active Management Technology (AMT) provided in the vPro.

Anyways the AMT webgui is functional during normal usage, however when the kernel panics (because I put together a faulty kernel code)

the web gui is non-responsive. (Exactly the time I need the AMT functionality to reboot the machine)

Is it normal for AMT to be non-responsive during a kernel panic (linux).

I've noticed that on the kernel panic, the ssh session was also shutdown immediately (my previous board took a while until it reported a broken pipe)

My board has 2 LAN ports. If I use the second LAN, and leave the first LAN unused (we use static IP, and if i do not allocate any IP to the first LAN)

would this make any difference?


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