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Amt WebGui Account Management

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Is there an automated way to setup users and password in the webgui? Currenty, we are connecting to each machine after provisioning and manually creating a user account and pw. Can the SDK help with this?


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I would recommend cheking this website:

It might help you finding oyur inquire.

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we need more info on what your using to manage with, you should also be aware that you could run into a case where your 'local' AMT Password and your 'WEBui' password will be different, it depends on the generation of platform you are using - so the ability to change a password thru SOAP commands has been in the SDK, its part of the SOAP strings - what you would need to do is pull the SOAP scripts for "change password' and create a script to run thru each computer (by IP or FQDN) then script the PW change for each one. There are WEB development tools that you can use to drop the SDK SOAP library into that makes it easy to locate the specific script and then you can automate that section. depeding on the ISV console you use i.e. SCCM - this feature is part of the enterprise model. I am assuming your not using that console so contact your ISV for there possible solution