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Best configuration for testlab use? (repost)



We like the idea of using AMT for our testlab, especially being able to reset the machines remotely if they "hang" (for any reason). We need remote wake-up too, because some machines are switched off sometimes. We do not need remote inventory or amt-virus protection.

We are currently using hp7800, hp7900 and hp8000, all convertible minitowers.


Is it true that AMT cannot coexist with classic wake-on-lan (broadcasting the mac-adress or the like)?


Now, my questions:

1. What is the best configuration?

2. What is the best way to configure? In the past, every machine way configured by hand. We do not budget for management software like Microsoft Systemcenter, but we can setup a special dhcp-server ot tftp-server for configuration purposes.


Thanks & Bye
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Sorry I didn't see this sooner. There are 2 ways to go. First is manually setting up each system. Sounds like that's not an option but before you rule it out, take a look at this link: /docs/DOC-4354 Basically you make a USB key that you insert into each vPro system one-by-one. The key causes the system to reboot. On the boot up AMT will ask if you'd like to configure. You say Y and it configures. Once the key is made, the process is pretty fast.

Option 2 is automating the whole thing. This will cost $30 - $200. This is because you need a Zero Touch cert for the process to work. You can purchase one from any of the cert vendors around.

Once you have the cert, everything else you need is available here for free. /docs/DOC-1171 has most of the software tools. I'd recomend using SCS for zero touch config...SCS will make use of your cert. On the same link is a setup wizard for an SCS environment (/docs/DOC-1410 It will configure Active Directory, DHCP, DSN, Cert Server, SCS, etc for you. This is perfect for a lab. BTW - you might try SCS with a "Pre Shared Key" (which does not require a cert but does require you to touch your vro systems to enter the PID/PPS pair) on a couple systems before you buy the cert. This way you can be sure everything is working before you spend any $$$. Oh yeah, unless you have a specific need, I would NOT use TLS nor Kerberos in a lab setup. Also, I'd set the AMT admin password to something standard like P@ssw0rd. This keeps things simple and MUCH easier to automate.

One nice thing about using MS's DHCP & DNS is you can script settings changes with netsh. This way you can automate thing like changing IP addresses, PXE boots, etc. Of course, if MS is not an option then I'd use Linux if you have the expertise. If not, DualServer is a great, free DNS & DHCP server for Windows and should work in conjunction with SCS in a non TLS, non Kerberos setup.

Once you have AMT setup, this little command line is an awesome way to turn systems on and off: /docs/DOC-1767 Of course you can also do it from VBScript, Powershell, etc. And, yes, WOL will co-exists with AMT.

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