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Best configuration for testlab use?



We like the idea of using AMT for our testlab, especially being able to reset the machines remotely if they "hang" (for any reason). We need remote wake-up too, because some machines are switched off sometimes. We do not need remote inventory or amt-virus protection.

We are currently using hp7800, hp7900 and hp8000, all convertible minitowers.

Now, my questions:

1. Is it true that AMT cannot coexist with classic wake-on-lan (broadcasting the mac-adress or the like)?

2. What is the best configuration amt-wise?

3. What is the best way to configure? In the past, every machine was configured by hand. We do not budget for management software like Microsoft Systemcenter, but we can setup a special dhcp-server ot tftp-server for configuration purposes. We do not have a public-key infratructure.

Thanks & Bye

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The wake-on-lan is acutally a requirement for AMT, so yes it works fine with AMT.

I would recommend checking the documentation of the AMT on the following link:

This manual instructs you how to configure the AMT at your best needs.

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