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Boot in parenthesis has been disabled

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under my Bios Setup Utility my devices have been disabled as they were in parenthesis. How do I enable them. I'm attempting to run Win XP home. I have an Intel D845grg motherboard.

thank you for any and all advice


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Richar, as a general rule to enable available devices in a BIOS the first thing to do is enter the BIOS and you should have a menu that states something like set Defaults or Optimal settings - try setting that and see if the devices are available. A second reason that a device is in brackets is that there are NO setting changes available for that device.

Finally - its a good idea to go the Intel's web site and check your board for the latest BIOS - if there is a newer one then run that BIOS per their instructions that come with it - there is usually one type of install that will run in windows - just remember to follow the directions and don't turn off the power