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Cannot access MEBx to enable SOL on DQ45EK


Hello! Apologies if this is a dumb question but I've trawled around and simply can't find a clear answer to my problem

I have a DQ45EK with an E8400 cpu and BIOS CBQ4510H.86A.0107 (Nov 13, 2009). I would like to use serial-over-lan for remote management and my understanding is that once this is enabled, the host OS (Ubuntu in this case) will see an additional tty device which can be configured for console access.

I believe I need to enable SOL in the MEBx but I simply cannot find a way to access it. There is no prompt or opportunity to hit as the system goes straight from the BIOS splash to boot. Within the BIOS, I do have an "Intel ME" tab but the only option under "SOL/IDER Configuration" is a choice between kerberos vs username & password authentication.

How does one gain access to the MEBx in order to enable SOL? Is there an idiots guide for this idiot somewhere?

Thanks in advance,


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Most Intel Boards don't the standard MEBx. Instead, they use a UEFI app within the standard BIOS to expose the AMT settings. I'm not sure if this is true for DQ45EK, but here's how to check. Go into BIOS with F2. Now, if there's an Intel ME "tab" then that's where you can access all settings that would be in the traditional MEBx.

Now to your goal of using SOL. You are correct that Ubuntu can use the SOL TTY with a console. To access it you must first "setup and configure" AMT. There are many ways to do it ( - see "How do I active"), but to start, I'd recomend using "Small Business Mode". You can do this via MEBx, or the BIOS menu I mentioned above. For MEBx: check the AMT 5 guide here:/docs/DOC-1370 For the BIOS menu:

  1. Select the Intel ME tab


  2. Enter your admin password. If you have set one, use "admin". It'll now force you to change the password. It needs to be a "strong" password.


  3. Select AMT


  4. Give your computer a name. I recomend matching what you've set in Ubuntu.


  5. Select Provisioning.


  6. Set the Model to Small Business Mode.


  7. Save and exit BIOS.


OK, so now AMT is configured and ready for use. The second thing you need is a tool that can connect to SOL. There are many on the market, but to start, you may try Commander, one of our example tools. RAdmin is a good commercial tool, but the viewer piece (which is all you need) is free /docs/DOC-4309

Lastly, you'll need to adjust you're linux to add the console to the new TTY. My guess is you aleady have this part down.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.