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Computer be provisionned


Hi all,

I search a script for knowing what's is a state of amt computer. If it's provisionned, in process, or unporvisionned.

Similar tool like iamt_scan, or Meinfowin.

Or it's possible to have source code of this two tools. ??

Thanks your for your help,


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I know that you can get a significant amount of the provisioning-related functionality from source code available on this website. First, there is a simple command line utility, the /docs/DOC-1763 Intel® AMT Unprovision Utility, that shows how to retrieve and modify the provisioning state via the EOI/SOAP interfaces.

Secondly, there is the Manageability Developer Tool Kit that contains a tool specifically for demonstrating how to provision Intel® AMT client systems, the Manageability Director Tool. Within the source code for this tool, written in C# for the Microsoft .NET Framework, you can see how checking and configuring the provisioning state of an Intel® AMT system can be done via EOI/SOAP and WS-Man. Additionally, there is a dialog control called "MeInfoForm" in the Manageability Controls project that illustrates how to retrieve much of the same information that you see inthe MEInfoWin tool, also in C# .

BTW: Your questions regarding source code and programming for Intel® AMT should be posted to the Intel Manageability Software Developer forum.

- Brett McKown

Senior Software Engineer

Intel Digital Enterprise Group, Digital Office Platform Division

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