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Desktop Board DP55WB low sound PLEASE HELP!

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Hi there thanks for taking the time to check out my post this is a really weird problem I have been having. I have just built a custom PC using a Intel DP55WB and a fresh copy of WIndows 7 I have installed all the latest drivers on Intels site. The problem is that when I connect my spearks into the back of the motherboard I get sound but it's so low that you can't hear nothing. Also I must add I checked my speakers with a boombox, old eMachine and a iMac and they all work on them but will not work on a newer eMachine and this build with a DP55WB same results. I have done the following to trouble shoot and I'm getting very fustrated/mad that I can't figure this out.

1. Checked all volume settings all to the max

2. Checked BIOs Audio is turned on

3. All connectors are in place on motherboard

4. Installed latest drivers from Intel site

Please if anyone can shine some light on this issue I would be very happy as of right now this is the only issue that I'm having.... Note the chat support that Intel has they don't have my board listed wish they would!



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I also have a sound issue with the DP55WB. Sound works fine for a while, but when I try to load a fullscreen game like Borderlands or Left 4 Dead, the sound quits after a minute or two. Not sure what the problem is.

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The low sound is probably the ear protection setting in the Realtek Control Panel.

If you look at this screenshot of the Realtek Control Panel:

It would be located left of the inactive Set Default Device radio button, and right of the speaker radio button. The ear protection button I'm talking about is not pictured in this screenshot, but it should be there for you when you have your speakers plugged in as you have described.

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I have the same issue, when playing COD MW2, audio stops after a minute or 2, and I have to reboot my pc for solving this issue

also when using teamspeak 3, I have this issue

i'm using win 7 x64 as well

please help