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Error - Access Denied on the 'Connect' step: sccmauto.vbs


I found a glaring documentation error inside sccmauto.vbs:

One line says "/c = 'COMPUTER NAME'

But the other parts of the vbscript indicate that "/c" is COLLECTION ID. Looks like it is 'collection ID;' Please correct the script - thanks.

Also, here are errors I get - access denied running sccmauto.vbs, when it tried to do the 'connect' (data scrubbed to use sample info below):

[below is all on one line, but i hit 'return' to make it easy to read for you]

cscript sccmauto.vbs

/ /c:SMS00001 / /u:mydomain\SCCMBareMetal /p:Uknowwhatitis

Host Name: MYPC


FQDN: MYPC.mydomain.ORG


MAC: BD:32:5B:A5:54:84


UUID: 4D4C4544-0038-3810-8036-C2C04F4A4E32

Couldn't connect: Access is denied.


c:\Intel SCCM Provisioning Tool\sccmauto.vbs(124, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime


error: Object required: 'Connect(...)'

Here is that line 124:

123) 'Call the connection function to connect to the SCCM server


124) Set connection = Connect(server,userName,userPassword)

YES: I setup the security group; added the above user to that group; added that group as mentioned in the Intel and other docs, BUT your docs never said "Also add the user/group to 'local admins' on the SCCM site server" - else, how is the account supposed to 'connect' to the server? Could that be the issue?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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