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Having trouble with RAID.


I'm trying to set up a RAID O configuration on my computer (DG45CB MB) with new installation of Windows 7/64bit. I've got the newest RAID driver installed and after pressing Control I, and then try to create a RAID volume, I get an error that states "Not enough available space to create a volume".

Here's the readout on the configuration panel:

RAID volumes, ID, 0 RAID hard drives Level: RAID O stripe Strip: 128K Size: 1863 GB (Two identical 1T hard drives) Status: Normal Bootable: Yes. Physical Discs: Port 0 and port 3

When I boot into Windows, no hard drives are listed in Device Manager but RAID controller is listed under Storage Controller.

Under Computer in Windows Explorer, only one hard drive is listed.

Under Computer Management, the second hard drive is listed as unallocated with the New Striped volume grayed out.

Ever since setting up this RAID configuration, I cannot switch from RAID to IDE in the BIOS and make it stick when I want to use the non-RAID drive (as separate hard disc). With every boot up, I have to go back into the bios and manually switch to the non-RAID drive.

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There are some limitations from Operating System point of view.

You cannot boot from a volume greater than 2TB. As a test, you can create a volume smaller than 2TB and install the operating system there and then have a separate volume less than 2TB.

From Microsoft, you can have a MBR and a GPT partition on the same system which would only work if you use a 64-bit operating system.

The BIOS will only be able to Boot from a volume which uses MBR and MBR in itself has a limitation that only the first 2TB of the volume will be usable. the remaining won't be available for

creating partitions.

The only way to use the entire volume would be to convert the Volume (the virtual raid disk) to GPT (needs compatible OS, XP 32 doesn't work with it).

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