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Help Required in Installing the AMT Set up and Configuration Service



I am facing difficulty in setting up Intel Setup and Configuration Service (v5.1.0.50) on our server.

The server specifications are:

Windows 2003 Standard Edition (64-bit) SP2

Internet Information Services 6.0

.NET Framework 2.0 SP2

MS SQL Server 2005

Installation steps taken so far:

I installed both AMTConfServer and AMTConsole on my server. Prior to the installation of the AMTConfServer I have installed the Active Directory and the Certification Authority. Also I have enabled the secure TLS\SSL connection with the SCS Server.But the problem is that when I am trying to connect to the Setup and Configuration Service through the AMT Console with the following default url

http://localhost/amtscs https://localhost/amtscs

http://testserver/amtscs https://testserver/amtscs https://testserver.domain/amtscs

I am getting the following error.

Unable to connect to {server} (Reason: Response is not well-formed XML)

If I navigate to the site using my Administrator login or the AD Service account (http://localhost/amtscs https://localhost/amtscs, or I get a 403 Forbidden error.

Any thoughts to resolve this?



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