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Help Required in the installation of AMT Setup and Configuration Service


Hi All,

Regarding the Remote power up/down , I have installed both AMTConfServer and AMTConsole on local server accorindg to the Intel_AMT_SCS_Installation_Guide.

Prior to these installations I have created the Active Directory, Certification Authority in the same server.

To install the Active Directory I am following the steps from this link

And to install the Certification Authority(Standalone) I am following the Intel_AMT_SCS_Installation_Guide.

After the installation of the CA I performed following steps to enable the secure communication between the AMTSever and the AMT Devices.

Step 1 : Configure the CA to automatically issue the certificates.

Step 2 : Install the CA certificate in the certificate store as a trusted root certificate

Step 3 : Install the certificate on IIS

Step 4 : Install the client certificate

Step 5 : Enable secure communication between the AMT Server and AMT devices (TLS/SSL )

After the all the prerequisites steps are done started installing the AMTConsfServer with custom installation and then the AMTConsole as per the IC guide.

Now while connecting to the Setup and Configuration Service through the AMTConsole with the default url "https://FQDN/amtscs" am getting the error "cannot connect to "https://FQDN/amtscs" (Reason : Response is not well-formed...

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