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Help with 802.1X certificate template

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Hi all,

We are using 802.1X to secure our wired network and our Windows 10 machines are using PEAP (Computer Authentication) as specified using Group Policy. This all works great but I now need to try and figure out how to get 802.1X working for AMT. The only guide I can find regarding how to configure the template is BKMK_AMT2008_cm2012 this one specifically the section "Creating and Issuing the Client Authentication Certificates for 802.1X AMT-Based Computers". Does this still apply given that our build of SCCM (1610) no longer supports OOB? The problem is that when building a profile on a test machine, in the part where I specify the special 802.1X certificate, it doesn't appear within the drop down box. I can only select my "AMTClientConfigurationcertificate" certificate.

I have another question:

I've mostly been using this guide for setting it all up but I wondered if the "Web certificate" part is still required given we are using SCCM 1610?

Many thanks in advance,


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Never mind, I didn't need to bother with a certificate in the end, I just needed to import the RootCA cert.

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