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How can I use the USBFile Command-line Utility if the AMT SDK is not available for download?



We're in the process of an SCCM OSD Deployment using OOB - AMT 5.2.1 on HP Compaq 8000 Elite hardware. We have an Internal SSL TLS-PKI for auto provisioning however, when using the UKPU (USB Key Provisioning Utility) as per the following documentation, /docs/DOC-1430

the instruction tell us it requires another tool called a USBFile Command-line Utility which appears to be only available in the AMT SDK. When you try to download this kit, you get the following:


The Intel® AMT 6.0 SDK is temporarily unavailable. An announcement will be posted on the Manageability Home page as soon as we are able to offer it again.



We're hoping you guys might have a copy of the AMT SDK, even if it's an older version so that we can continue with our OSD deployment using the AMT/OOB features of vPro. If this is not possible, is there another way to acheive this other than a 3rd party such as GoDaddy or VeriSign (since we we're turned down from purchasing their AMT certificates, as we're a NOT-For-Profit with non-Public domains).

Also, I'm hoping that you might possibly have some step-by-step guides on SCCM User State Migration (USMT) in a side-by-side scenario (bringing user profiles/data from an old PC into a new PC).

We have our fingers crossed, here!



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