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How many # 's of systems have you deployed AMT on? what deployment method did you utilize?


How many number of systems have you deployed AMT on within your infrastructure & what deployment method did you utilize? how did it go? any BKM's you can share with the community?

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Working with customers that have deployed (e.g. provisioned or configured) over 1,000 vPro systems today. Considering their client refresh cycle and so forth - not bad. In some cases - as soon as the ProvisionServer was configured - 100 clients (which were pre-provisioned and ready) would appear and be configured. This could occur within an hour or day - depending on what's going on in the environment and so forth. Pretty cool.

Planning and assisting environments for 10x and 100x that amount. As expected - this will occur according to client refresh rates which is estimated at 3-4 years.

Using enterprise mode configuration.

A few BKMS (e.g. Best Known Methods):

  • Have a target\future state in mind - understand how the client will be utilized within the system mgmt console and according to processes

  • Plan before deploy - configuration approach, architecture, etc

  • Have a community of resources - internal and external (like this community site). Use to post questions, ideas, and so forth.

The quick start guide on this community provides some addition insights and inputs.

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