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How to OOB control AMT client provisioned by SCS from SCCM 2012.



I am trying to use SCS addon 2.0 for SCCM. It looks like AMT is provisioned, but can not control it from SCCM.

At first, I installed SCCM 2012 SP1 and SCS 9.0 to the separate server. SCS is configured for Database mode I can provision AMT client(8.1 at this moment), with kerberos auth and tls, and can see AMT information from SCS console.I used remote configuration. I do not use Digest Master Password, so I define one Kerberos User. and on the system settings, I set up one admin password for all system. Then started Add-on installation.

I followed the document for SCCM 2012. Addon is isntalled RCS integration mode.

At the section 5.2.3, I was little bit confused. after enabling task sequence, what should I do?

Any way, I enabled Remote Discovery, and Assign that task to AMT clients. After a while client were listed under Not Configure collection. Then I enabled Remote Configure task and assign it to that collection, wait for a while I have confirmed AMT is configured by looking at IMSS message. I gather hadware inventory from each client AMT Status on SCCM console is now "Detected", and those AMT machine is moved to Configured collection. At this moment I can't do ant AMT related operation other than management controller discovery. How can I make AMT client to be enabled for SCC

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SCCM reports "Detected" when it doesn't have access to AMT on the client. Adding the Primary Site Server machine account to the ACL section of your SCS profile should solve this.