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I7 920 TDP of 147.5 - just how bad is this?


Just built a new I7 920, and it appears to be running well, except for the aforementioned TDP of 147.5 watts. It is seated in a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R moBo and the AWARDbios seems to be alarmed by this (since an earlier build of a similar machine of same CPU and MoBo o'clocked to 3.00GHz is running with a TDP of 130 watts, it worries me as well) . It emits two long beeps and then backs off for about 13 seconds, before repeating. As far as I can recall, this didn't occur until after I had installed W7 Home Premium 64 bit. Have been unable to find anything at Gigabyte about the beeps I am hearing, nor elsewhere on the web, but if the I7 is the cause, or faulty.......

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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This sounds like a PSU problem (if its a cheap one) not only that but you need an 8 pin CPU connector if your not already using one.